Art Institute of Chicago Review

Founded in 1875, Art Institute of Chicago is one of the oldest museums in the United States. Located in Chicago’s Grant Park, the Museum is highly recognized a popular tourist attraction receiving more than 1.5 million guests annually. It has an amazing collection of cutting edge curatorial and scientific research. As a matter fact, the museum has expanded greatly since inception as a result growth in their collections over the time. Apart from being a tourist attraction due, the museum has been a great research institute. In this article, we will explore more on what the Institute has for you regarding collections regarding the curatorial departments.


The Institute has been rated as one of the museums with a vast and oldest collections from different cultures across the world. It believed that they have collections that encompass more than 5,000 years of human existence. With 11 curatorial departments, it is clear that the Institute has invested heavily collection. These are some of the main collections that you can find in this museum.

African Art and Indian Art of the Americas

This collection involves mostly the traditional Africa and Native America. You can find these collections on display across galleries end of the Michigan Ave building. What is more interesting about this department is the African collection that includes more than 400 works throughout the content. The collection highlights garments, jewelry, ceramics, and masks. The Native American and Mesoamerican and Andean works represent the American collection. The collection ranges from pottery to textile.

American Art

The Art Institute’s America Art showcases the collection ranging from colonial silver to modern/contemporary paints. You will have an opportunity to sample of the great works from Grant Wood’s American Gothic and Mary Cassatt’s The Child’s Bath among many others.

Ancient and Byzantine

This is a great place to be. The Art Institute’s ancient has a collection that spans 4,000 years of history showcasing Roman, Egyptian Sculpture, Ancient Greece and more of the ancient Mediterranean world during millennium B.C to Byzantine Empire. There is also a great collection, jewelry, mosaic and other well-maintained ancient coins.

Asian Art

The Art Institute’s Asian collection brings the best out of Asian world. The collection spas nearly 5,000 years and brings the beauty of ancient Asia. You will sample the best from China, India, Near and the Middle East, Korea, Japan and South Asia. It includes ceramics, jades, sculptures, woodcuts and much more.

These are just a few of the main collections that you can find in this museum. Other curatorial departments include Photography, Historical prints and drawings, architecture and design, European Decorative Arts and many others.

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